Company Solutions

Safer power uses innovative systems to assess the safety of electrical assets. This includes non-destructive testing of wood and steel power poles, life cycle management and unrivalled accurate condition monitoring.

We use limit state design methods to evaluate the serviceability of electrical pole structures. This evaluation of structural strength and load conforms to Australian Standard AS4676 and gives our clients the best condition monitoring, analysis and advice.  There is not a more accurate and compliant system available in Australia.

Our other services include – Evaluation of additional loads on structures and the impact on asset life; Infrared Surveys; GPS Capture and Plotting; Safety Audits and Preparation of  Asset Management Plans.


We have an impressive list of past and present clients. These companies are industry leaders and some are the biggest businesses in Australia.

Quality Accreditation

AVS Australia is accredited to ISO 9001 : 2000. This system has been accredited on our inspection system and has been in place since 2005.

Our inspection and analysis systems also comply with AS 4676: (2000) (Structural design requirements of utility service poles) and AS 2878: (2000) Timber – Classification into strength groups.